Out Of Print

An installation examining our relationship with digital news.

Out Of Print was first shown in occasion of the London Design Festival in the Brompton District in London. The installation featured an application that allowed users to generate random headlines using live news feeds. These headlines were then printed with a custom letterpress to form a growing collection of posters.

Visitors generated more than 500 headlines and over 100 posters were printed. Out Of print was featured in top design blogs, such as Dezeen, It's Nice That and We Heart.

The interface

For this project I was responsible for developing and designing the look and feel of the application.

The program downloaded news headlines from nine different sources. These headlines were then examined using a Alchemy, a natural language processing API, to find relations between words. All words were then classified and combined using a set of composition rules to be laid out on the poster.

The posters

Here're a few posters generated in the exhibition, click on them to reveal the source of their words.

Project details

Out of Print was a collaboration with Hefin Jones, Elena Mourdjis, Monika Patel, Candyce Dryburgh, Verity Nichols, Daisy Saul and Katinka Schaaf.

Special thanks to GF Smith paper, Alchemy API and Goldsmiths BA Design.